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We are hiring!

Junior Design Assistant  

Contractor Remote Position

Closing date 03/07/2020

Job Overview

The position is remote so you can work from anywhere with a strong internet connection. Your role will include designing mood boards (using Noted, photoshop or Canva for templates) for particular rooms within residential or commercial spaces, selecting furnishings for a variety of properties and sketching design layouts which will be used by our technical team to create virtual staging images. You will also be expected to perform quality control to make sure the technical team have met the set brief and follow up in cases where the client requests changes (and identify when these changes fall outside the agreed brief). You will be expected to do some general admin and organisational tasks including categorising and tagging of furniture/accessory catalogues.  You will be expected to source prospective clients online.  Creating social media content including posts, blogs, articles etc.  Successful candidates can use images as part of their own design portfolio. You will work as a contractor, invoicing for hours and jobs completed. Hours are flexible so long as you meet the turnaround time of the projects you are assigned. Previous experience in virtual staging is not essential, however experience in other areas should be met.


Responsibilities and Duties

·       Selecting furniture pieces and mood boards to furnish properties including accessories (residential and commercial)

·       Sketching layouts for proposed virtual staging based on client brief

·       Controlling quality of projects ensuring technical team have correctly followed client brief

·       Following up with technical team and clients

·       Recording client feedback and where relevant updating the website

·       Categorising and tagging library of furniture and accessories

·       Sourcing new potential clients and projects

·       Updating social media

·       Sourcing articles for blogs and reposting


Qualifications and Experience

·       High quality and time sensitive work output

·       Interior design and styling experience

·       Skills in Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Canva and photo editing experience

·       A very good understanding of perspective, space and layout of rooms

·       Ability to sketch layouts for purpose of virtually staging a room

·       Good organisational skills

·       Excellent communication skills – Fluent in English

·       Good understanding of British interior design styles

·       Creative

·       Social media experience including familiarity with LinkedIn,         Instagram, Facebook.            

·       Confident working in a team environment

To apply click below and send:

CV with a cover letter. 

Apply by the 3/07/2020

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