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what we do

We transform a space - cluttered or empty, new or old.

We create a visual that shows an investor | buyer | tenant the potential a property has. We change | add cosmetic details using digital technology and CGI which saves thousands of £s in dressing | renovating | making good | lack of imagination.

We help you:

attract the right investor | buyer | tenant 

show the value of a property,

save you & your clients money & time. 


We off a range of high quality property marketing services.

We specialise in CGI Rendering Virtual Staging services

Additional Options

Digitally remove furniture from photographs. 

Furniture Removal 

corporate staging

Stage offices and corporate spaces 


Melinda, director

Really happy with our CGI’s, nothing is too much trouble for Shannon and they helped us work to a very tight deadline. Very happy with the service received.

Tish, Partner

Super helpful, delivered everything that was promised and more! Quick turnaround. Truthfully, the best CGI staging I have seen in the business. Thank you Shannon!

Martin, Director

I cannot recommend Shannon enough, she is always available to speak to and provides all CGI amendments on time.
First class service as always!

cgi renders

Photorealistic computer generated images (CGIs) bring property developments to life and help potential purchasers to visualise their projects. Our CGIs can help secure successful planning applications, be used to market off-plan properties or properties undergoing refurbishment that need to be sold before completion as well as help to sell developments.

Why use a high quality CGI? 

  • CGIs can help when applying for PLANNING permission

Using a high quality CGI will accurately to communicate how your new build will look and fit into the surrounding environment. Having a clear visual will reduce the risk when applying for planning by eliminating any room for misunderstanding of your plans and also provide a swifter solution for alternative options while working with your planning advisor. 

  • CGIs can help with FINANCIAL applications

When looking for investment to either build or to further finance your project, it is helpful to show what the money will be used for and what the end result of the investment will look like. Drawings are excellent but lack the same visual impact that a high quality CGI render can provide. By providing your investor with something that looks tangible and something that communicates the vision you have, they are more likely to see the value in your proposal and be more open to providing the financial support your are requesting.


Providing a high quality visual can help you sell your development before you have even started your build. The CGI not only generates interest for your development, they will represent all the highlights of your proposed build and entice buyers from the start, putting your in a strong position financially.  CGIs also provides support to your marketing team, helping them share your vision and generate leads. 


Virtual Staging 

Virtual Staging

WHy use Virtual Staging?

  • Over 200% increase on online activity (based on our clients statistics)

  • Up to 80% increase in property viewings

  • Sell properties faster

  • ROI is 585% HIGHER with virtual staging than with real furniture staging

  • Increase properties perceived value

  • People spend an average of 7 seconds viewing properties online- empty properties make less impact

  • Rental rates are boosted for lower priced properties using higher standard of furnishing

  • 81 % of prospects find it easier to visualise a staged property as their future home

  • Reduces cost of staging with furniture  by 97%

  • Great investment for Rental properties- image can be used for several letting periods

  • Property stands out online

  • Staging is customisable and designed to attract the ideal buyer/tenant

360 Virtual Staging 

 add furniture to 360 virtual tours 

We now virtually stage your 360 tours and panoramas as well as still photographs. We have a vast library of furniture that we can add,  including sofas, beds, art and decorative pieces. The tours can work on virtually reality headsets allowing a fully immersive experience for you client, letting them to see and "walk through" the property as if it were furnished.

We can arrange for virtual tours of your properties to be done should you not have access to your own.

We have also developed the technology to virtually renovate properties where we can add kitchen and bathroom units, paint walls and add flooring. This type of affordable technology supports selling off plan, will allow you to walk through your proposed layout to get a real feel for how it will be on the completion of the build and make notes of any changes before the actual work starts helping to save time and money. 

Virtual Renovation

 bridging the gap between CGI & photographs

Change walls, add flooring, lighting, add or remove kitchen & bathroom units to show the possibilities of a property and space.  

We use a photograph as the foundation so it costs far less than a CGI and has great realistic qualities of the original photograph. 

 Frequently used in presentations when requesting funding for renovation projects, for marketing probate | dated properties and for properties still in the building process. 

Virtal Renovation
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