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Top 10 Tips on How for Letting Your Property Quickly

1 Clean & Tidy

This sounds obvious but can be tricky if you arent the current occupiers. Making sure it is clean and tidy for photographs & viewings will make it more appealing. They Kitchen is often looked at closely and dont forget

the bathrooms.

2 Declutter

This not only helps the rooms seem bigger but also gives that ready to move in feel. Clutter can often put potential buyers off.

3 Maintenance Issues

Small things like a leaky tap or loose cupboard doors can be a big turn off for potential tenats. FIx what you can or get a tradesmen in to help.

4 Lighten Up

Let natural light is in as much as possible. At viewings open curtains to give the impression of a nice, bright space. If people come for viewings in the evening make sure all light bulbs are working.

5 Agents & Viewings

If you’re using a letting agent, take advantage of the services they offer. Agents are often available to conduct short notice viewings on your behalf, ensure they have a key so you dont miss a potential let.

6 Paint & Decorate

Refreshing the décor and paintwork of a property can be relatively cheap and easy to make it look brand new. Add interest with colour in the soft


7 Get Noticed

This shouldn’t cost you anything as your agent will be able to put up a ‘to let’ board. A board can drum up a lot of extra potential leads!

8 Furniture Review

If furnished, make sure it is up to standard. Scruffy, dirty and generally old-looking furniture will put tenants off. Improving the standards of

furniture can also help to attain a higher rent.

9 Happy Tenants If you’re advertising a property whilst the current tenant is still living there, make sure you give them at least 24 hours’ notice of a viewing. Build a strong relationship to encourage them to be flexible with viewings, as well as keeping the place clean and tidy.

10 Curb Appeal Now the inside looks new, but what about the outside? Try to make the property’s exterior look as inviting as possible; tend to the garden and give the door a new coat of paint.

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