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Why Virtual Furnishing?

Property marketing has come on leaps and bounds over the years with agents using professional photos, floor plans and even virtual tours to gain the right kind of attention for their marketing campaigns. Why, with all these tools, should they also be using virtual furnishing?


There has been a vast improvement in technology over the past few years meaning that virtual staging in now so realistic you may be forgiven for thinking that some are actually real photographs. The software and furnishings are now influenced more by interior design and can really represent a specific lifestyle. By virtual furnishing properties with realistic furnishing potential, buyers can envision what potential the space really has and imagine themselves living there.


It is very difficult to understand how big or small an empty room is or make it appealing to a potential buyer. By furnishing it virtually you can give the room a personality, sell a lifestyle, help to the viewer to understand the concept of space and how it potentially could be used.


Not everyone has the budget to stage a home like an interior designer, with luxury sofas and beautiful soft furnishings just to attract the right buyers. Virtual furnishing costs a fraction of the price of home staging and offers you the opportunity to style a property just like an award winning designer home. This marketing tool captures viewers imagination and helps them to see the potential at investing in your property.


Todays investors, buyers and renters have such high expectations when they are looking online that you need to do everything you can to draw them in and make them pay attention to your property portfolio. How can you compete with a show flat if your photos are of empty bedrooms or a lifeless reception?


Having empty properties sitting on your portfolio for weeks or months is not a good representation of your business and your client will be losing vast sums of money. Virtually furnishing a property will give you the opportunity to market properties at their full potential, drawing in more viewings and attracting the right kind of buyers and investors. Properties will be moving off waiting list and into the sold section before you know it!



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