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CGIs - The what, where & why

Computer generated images play such a massive role in todays society with amazing film animations but can they real work in the corporate world of property? The answer is YES! And here are 5 reasons as to how , where and why you should be using them in your property marketing...

1) Brochures

Photorealistic CGIs give buyers an idea of a home that they can walk in to and see them selves in that environment, capturing their imaginations. CGIs of the interior will sell buyers and investors the lifestyle they desire and will represent the quality of what your finished homes will be.

2) Marketing suite

Often potential buyers show up to your sales suite and they are faced with a building site, a floor plan and bunch of blank walls. Show them the completed vision and help them see their new lifestyle with inspiring images by using large format prints and interactive displays in your sales suite.

3) Website

2-Dimensional plans on your website will not capture potential buyers imagination. Beautifully designed and realistic CGIs of your upcoming developments will inspire confidence and make your plans seem real and worth investing in.

4) Advertising

Stunning images capture potential buyers attention, hold you above your competitors give the impression of your professionalism and credibility.

5) Financially

Bankers and investors are much more likely to to see the need for investment when they can share your visions and see what you will be achieving. CGIs show your finished products and will inspire their confidence in you and increase your credibility. CGIs can also make your ideas and business plan appear more viable.



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