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I’ll Believe it When I See It!

3 Ways to Sell Your Next Development BEFORE It’s Even Complete!

“I’ll believe it when I see it”. This is a saying that you have probably heard before. Although it normally applies to the supernatural, it also has a place in property. How can we expect people to buy or rent a development when they cannot picture what it will look like once it is finished?

There are three innovative solutions to this problem. Three ways that you can sell or rent your property projects lightning-fast and for better value. By understanding what these three technologies are and how they differ, you can start using them to maximise your ROI.

Virtual Renovations:

Imagine the most run-down property you’ve ever seen. One that has no kitchen, no bathroom, and no flooring. When we see homes in this state, it is hard to picture ourselves living there.

This is where virtual renovations come in. They take a photograph of a room and digitally renovate it. Even though in reality the property still needs work, the newly created visual shows a version that would be suitable for the front cover of Ideal Homes Magazine.

This is useful for trying to sell a flip or rent a BRR before the project is complete. You can personalise the virtual renovation so that it will be identical to the finished refurb. This way, you can still use the images on advertisements without it looking like a completely different home.

Digital refurbishments are also a good way to raise investment. They help investors to visualise your property project. It’s no longer just a concept when you can bring it to life in front of them.


External CGI render
External CGI render


CGIs look so realistic that it is hard to tell the difference between them and a photograph.

This makes CGIs the perfect solution for property developers. In an ideal world, you want to sell or rent your new builds before they’re finished. However, this can be difficult to do early on in a development. After all, people want to see what they’re moving into.

CGIs allow you to create a digital image of your developments. You don’t even need to have started the build to use them. They give you an image of the finished property before foundations have even been laid. This is a great way to advertise the development before it is finished and sell it off-plan. CGIs are also a good visual aid for raising investment and directing trades.


Virtual staging

Virtual staging allows you to fill a home with virtual furniture. This makes for a much more attractive Rightmove listing which in turn attracts more interest. You can also style the room so that it grabs the attention of the audience that you are targeting, i.e., families or young professionals.

Visualising a home with furniture helps us to picture ourselves living there. This then creates an emotional connection. An emotional connection results in motivated buyers and tenants who are willing to pay above odds.

As well as adding furniture, virtual staging can also digitally remove it from images. This is useful for taking cluttered properties and editing pictures of them so that they have more space.

Staging virtually is more cost-effective and easier than physical staging. You don’t need to store furniture or pay hundreds of pounds to rent It out until the property sells. You also don’t need to go through the hassle of moving heavy sofas and beds. Everything is done from behind a computer. With virtual staging, filling your new listing has never been easier.

Increase your interest, investment, and ROI today:

Technology is changing property. Like a good refurb, it’s stripping out the old and replacing the new. By getting ahead of the curve and using digital imagery in your projects, you’ll immediately stand out from local competition.

Email us at and book your free consultation today. We will give you further information on these three services and help you to decide which one will improve your current property projects. Don’t wait till tomorrow to innovate your property business. Email us today and discover how we can help grow the interest and value of your property projects.


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