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Upload by email

Our upload system is being updated so please send images by pressing the link below:) 

Remember to let us know what style you would like ( you can see choices on the right) and to let us know what each room is e.g.

*reception & dining room


*living room only

We look forward to creating something amazing with your photos! 


Upload to our portal for 

more specific requests


Step 1

Create a job, add your image(s) & choose which edits you would like to make.

Currently, we accept .jpg images only

You can upload 4 images at a time. If you only have 1, scroll down to the submit button once you have entered all the details.


Step 2

Review your job, then submit it to our editing team to commence the editing process.


Useful Information

Please include any preferences you have for colours, furniture placement or specific items.

Please note if preferences or notes aren’t included re-work requests will be limited to removing added items or changing existing item angles only. Change of mind or complete re-works will incur an additional charge.

If you have existing furniture that you want to be removed from this image, please add Item Removal shown at the bottom of the page.

Currently, we accept .jpg images only


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