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what we do

We transform a space - cluttered or empty, new or old.

We create a visual that shows an investor | buyer | tenant the potential a property has. We change | add cosmetic details using digital technology and CGI which saves thousands of £s in dressing | renovating | making good | lack of imagination.

We help you:

attract the right investor | buyer | tenant 

show the value of a property,

save you & your clients money & time. 



We create create realistic 3D visual representations of interiors and exteriors of properties to help your prospective buyers to visualise what the property will look like


We digitally add furniture and accessories to your property photographs to make them stand out and attract buyers and tenants. No expensive furniture hire or risk and covid safe.


Choose from our affordable classic package or our Bespoke Design Package


Using your photos we turn your idea into a reality by digitally renovating the room. Market properties before the renovation, test out your ideas and have a strong visual for your presentations when looking for financing. 

Additional Options

Digitally remove furniture from photographs. 

Furniture Removal 

corporate staging

Stage offices and corporate spaces 

cgi renders

Photorealistic computer generated images (CGIs) bring property developments to life and help potential purchasers to visualise their projects. Our CGIs can help secure successful planning applications, be used to market off-plan properties or properties undergoing refurbishment that need to be sold before completion as well as help to sell developments.

Virtual Staging 

  • Over 200% increase on online activity (based on our clients statistics)

  • Up to 80% increase in property viewings

  • Sell properties faster

  • ROI is 585% HIGHER with virtual staging than with real furniture staging

  • Increase properties perceived value

  • People spend an average of 7 seconds viewing properties online- empty properties make less impact

  • Rental rates are boosted for lower priced properties using higher standard of furnishing

  • 81 % of prospects find it easier to visualise a staged property as their future home

  • Reduces cost of staging with furniture  by 97%

  • Great investment for Rental properties- image can be used for several letting periods

  • Property stands out online

  • Staging is customisable and designed to attract the ideal buyer/tenant

WHy use Virtual Staging?

Virtual Renovation

 bridging the gap between CGI & photographs

Change walls, add flooring, lighting, add or remove kitchen & bathroom units to show the possibilities of a property and space.  

We use a photograph as the foundation so it costs far less than a CGI and has great realistic qualities of the original photograph. 

 Frequently used in presentations when requesting funding for renovation projects, for marketing probate | dated properties and for properties still in the building process. 

How it works


  • You supply us with :

    • All relevant drawings, with elevations

    • Address

    • Material Legend

    • Any Relevant Models

    • References for mood

  • Provide a brief of your ideal image 

  • Receive 2 drafts where you can request amendments  

  • Receive your final image via email

Virtual Staging

  • You supply us the photographs via email (professional photos work best)  

  • Choose our classic ( You pick a furniture pack from our library) or bespoke package ( provide a brief of your ideal image & we design it

  • Receive a draft where you can request final amendments  

  • Receive your final image via email

Virtual Renovation

  • You supply us the photographs via email 

  • Provide a brief of your ideal image including flooring, wall colours, kitchen units and furniture

  • Receive a draft where you can request final amendments  

  • Receive your final image via email

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